Member Profile_India 2015 – Sheny Bhanji

Hello, this is Sheny on my 2nd trip with ORC.

Cambodia 2014 was my first mission with ORC. During that same year, I also volunteered with Indo African Charities in Gujarat where  we held clinics in the rural areas. In 2007, I volunteered at the Agakhan Education Services in Ranava and Porbander in Gujarat as well.  Currently, I work as a pharmacist at Point Grey Pharmacy and am an instructor for the Pharmacy Practice Lab in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC.

Last year when my husband and I were planning to join ORC for Mission Cambodia 2014, we had a lot of trepidation because my mother-in-law was very ill. We cancelled the trip only to have her insist that we “must go and help bring smiles to those that are less fortunate”. So we rebooked our tickets Sadly however Naz’s mom passed away on the day we finished our mission and were returning home from Phnom Penh. A few weeks later I lost my mom.

For me, this is a trip that I would like to dedicate to the most important women in my life who themselves were lifelong volunteers and believed in ORC’s mission to “make the world a happier place one smile at a time”.

Sheny Bhanji
Sheny Bhanji