Member Profile_India 2015 – Stephany Quinn, Pediatric Resident

Hi all, I’m Stephany Quinn, a fourth year resident in Pediatrics at UBC. I’ve always been interested in participating in humanitarian work. And have been fortunate enough to have some experiences so far. In the part, I’ve volunteered for Habitat for humanity in Hungary and Honduras

Participating with ORC is a highly coveted opportunity for residents at UBC. I’m lucky to have been given the chance to come along to India. This will be my first mission and I am stoked!

I’m looking forward to building relationships with fellow team members while experiencing a new culture. I’ve always wanted to travel to India.

Travelling is one of my favourite things to do. I also love playing sports. I’ve grown up playing soccer, ringette, hockey and volleyball. Another fun fact is that I am obsessed with Harry Potter and like to decorate cakes. I also love Disney. How do I integrate these obsessions into my regular life? At work, I wear Harry Potter T-shirts on call. Depending on my mood, I also wear the various house lanyards on different days.

And….for my Halloween wedding 3 weeks ago, we had a costume reception and I dressed up as Ariel and my husband as Prince Eric – but we are planning to happily ever after! I also made my own wedding cake in alignment with the theme.

If you look closely at the travelling videos so far, you may be able to spot me with my “Princess Ariel” backpack.

Dr. Stephany Quinn