Poem “Flowing Smile” by Dr. Julie Kvann

Dr. Julie Kvann_Profile photo

Plastic surgery combines the aesthetic of the human body with science and medicine.  The best surgeons in facial surgery must have sensitivity and a glimpse into a person’s soul in order to bring about the best features that represent their true self.  Many of the surgeons have artistic pursuits outside of medicine.

Dr. Julie Kvann is a Plastics Resident who was selected by the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons in a very competitive process to study with Dr. Rai on this mission.  Originally from Cambodia, she now resides in Montreal and is a Resident 4th year at McGill University.

At Kaka-Ba Hospital, Dr. Kvann has composed quite a few poems about the patients that she treated.  Although she is proficient in at least 3 languages, she is very humble and often apologizes for her English.   We think her poems are beautiful and evocative.  Here’s one we would like to share with you called “Flowing Smile”.

Flowing Smile

A space between two lips

Lips entrouverte

Lips introspected

Secrets to be told

Lips ajar

Split apart






Distorted realities

Go figure

Mix configuration



Pull apart

Put together

Outside in

Inside out

Mix and separated beyond words

Beyond worlds

A space to fill up

A gap to bridge

A bridge to cross

Stories to be told




Water flowed and filled up her mouth

Fills up her eyes

And there,

For the first time since she was born,