Member Profile_India 2015 – Betty Gorecki, Operating Room Nurse

Hi everyone, I’m Betty and this will be my 9th mission with ORC and my 3rd time in India.  As usual, my focus is to work as hard as possible in the OR and to support as many people as I can, including my OR team members, the larger mission team, and our hosts.  The amount of positive energy generated in each mission lights a fire under everyone because we are all here for the kids. It never cease to astonish and delight me when I see the transformational results on the faces of those kids post-surgery.  I look forward to making new friendships with colleagues at Kaka-Ba Hospital and to help develop a great long term relationship between the Hospital and ORC.  From what I understand, there is a definitely a need and I’ve already signed up to return again.

I’ve been a pediatric nurse at the BC Children’s Hospital for most of my career and I love kids.  From all my travels and caring for children, I’ve learnt that they are all the same wherever you are in the world.  They all need love and they all deserve a chance to have a good life.  I LOVE to travel and I’ve found that a nice smile will go a long way towards making friends.  The most recent trip I was on was hiking in Patagonia last year.  It was definitely a highlight and I look forward to sharing some stories with my current and new friends in India.

Betty Gorecki_India 2015