Member Profile_India 2015 – Dr. Carolyne Montgomery

Dr. Carolyne Montgomery_India 2015Hello, this is Carolyne. This is my second trip with ORC and my second trip to India.

The previous one was to Ludhiana in 2009. I have also worked at Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia with the Hospital for Sick Children. I have twice been to the Mulago University Hospital, Kampala Uganda with the Rotary Hearing Group.

The “Canadian” Pediatric Anesthesia team consists of our Fellow, Liz, our former Fellow Gayatri, who is joining us from Kerala and Trevor, our Anesthesiology Assistant. We will also be meeting and working with a local team. We hope to share anesthetic management plans for our pediatric patients undergoing Cleft Lip and Palate surgery that will be the safest and most efficient for the circumstances. We hope to both teach and learn from our colleagues.

I am a staff Pediatric Anesthesiologist at British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital and a Clinical Professor at UBC. I have been providing Pediatric Anesthetics for over 25 years.

I enjoy experiencing new environments and learning new things. I enjoy travel and anything to do with the outdoors such as swimming, road biking, tennis, hiking and others. I love eating Indian food and am really looking forward to the local recipes.