Member Profile_India 2015 – Dr. Patrick Chan

Hi, this is Patrick from “Down Under”. After med school in Australia, I’m now a Plastic Surgery Resident Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, Australia.

I started my volunteering in Cambodia with 2 Operation Smile Missions and subsequently met Dr. Rai and the team in Phnom Penh. We really connected and so far, I’ve been on 3 Operation Rainbow Canada Missions and can’t wait to see my team mates again. My colleagues at work past and present in Australia have been really supportive of my volunteering initiatives. Once I help identify a need that can benefit the children, such as books, clothing, toys, medical equipment, the generosity of the Australians have just been tremendous. Truly I feel that there are no borders to sharing and giving and I am so fortunate to have met great people wherever I travel.

Like everyone else at ORC, I hope to play a part in changing the lives of the children for the better and to give them a chance for a brighter future. In addition, I love the opportunity to learn plastic surgery skills in an immersive environment. The team’s energy and dedication is what keeps me returning to the ORC year after year. The most exciting part for me, like everyone else, is to see the tangible difference we make right after surgery. It makes all the planning and traveling worthwhile.

During the mission at meal times, and in the evenings, I like to catch up with the team and pick up conversations where we had left off from the previous year. It’s just so easy with these guys – we get together, we work, we sometimes get together post mission and we have so much fun it’s unbelievable! Definitely would recommend ORC to any medical students who are interested in plastic surgery, pediatrics or pediatric anesthesia.

I noticed that there are quite a few fellow scuba divers on this trip so we’d be able to exchange views on diving. I am so lucky to have the best waters in the world at my doorstep so I’m looking forward to sharing any knowledge or tips that I have.

Dr. Patrick Chan
Dr. Patrick Chan