Member Profile_India 2015 – Ryan Kean – Pre-Op Nurse

Ryan KeanHey there, I’m Ryan.   I’m a newbie and positively jumping up and down with excitement at my first ever mission!!!  I’m so eager to learn everything from everyone I come in contact with and can’t wait to get started.  Those who have work with me at BC Children’s Emergency know me as an action-oriented guy.  I want to hit the ground running and add value to this fantastic team.  But playing a lot of sports have taught me to pay close attention to the coach and my team mates.  So guys, please be patient with my questions.  I promise I’m a quick learner and will catch on quickly.


My friends, family and co-workers have told me my strengths are my compassionate nature and my ability to calm nervous people.  This is why Pre-Op is totally suited to me for this trip.  I’ve every open to new cultures since I believe you have to be ‘on the ground’ to gain a greater appreciation for the values and cultures of the people of India.  To provide the best quality of care to, I think we have to empathize with our patients’ individual situations and life circumstance in addition to delivering the surgery or the procedure.  With this new experience, I hope to return home and better serve our diverse patient base in Vancouver.


I love to try new things whether it is food, sports, adventures, etc.  Current passions are hockey, road cycling and kickboxing.  But my happiest times are spent with the two wonderful women who share my life, my fiancée Joanne and step-daughter Beverly.


Bev:  I’m sorry I’ll miss your 7th birthday while I’m gone.  The fact that you think it’s cool that I’m helping other kids means so much to me.  And knowing that you and your mom are tracking me on Facebook and waiting for me to come home make me the happiest guy in the world.  And yes, I will remember to bring lots of shiny pretty things home from India for you.  I have every confidence in my shopping consultants.