Member Profile_India 2015 – Trevor Coelho – Anesthesia Assistant

Trevor CoelhoHi, I’m Trevor and this is my first mission with ORC.  Usually my slogan is “Go Canucks Go!”  A dedicated lifelong ice hockey fan, I love playing, watching and talking about ice-hockey.  Luckily in my job at BC Children’s Hospital and Canucks Children’s Hospice, I fit right in.  I’ve been helping kids breathing comfortably as an Anesthesia Assistant for the past six and half years.


People often asked if it is sad to work with kids who are dying, but I view it as an opportunity to give my best to others.  Each day is precious and this powers me on to do more with each day that I’m given.  I just returned from the UBC Uganda Surgical Camp last month and am pumped up to go to India.  This is my chance to help make a difference to kids who are prevented from living a full life not due to a serious illness but to a facial deformity.


My goal is to be positive, energetic and flexible team member and to provide high level health care to children in need. The thing I’m looking forward to the most? The kids!!  Any challenges we may encounter, we can overcome as a team.  In addition, I’m so lucky that I have a large group of family and friends cheering for me – like they did when I play hockey.  They’ll be watching for every bit of news of the mission on the ORC website and Facebook.