2018 India

A 26-member team from ORC recently completed their mission in Hyderabad, India (October 18-28, 2018). The mission was ORC’s first to the site, Princess Durru Shehvar Children’s and General Hospital (PDSCGH). The team screened 182 patients and performed 87 procedures on 56 patients.

Hyderabad, day 1:

Packing day video:

Mission Team – 2018 India

Surgeon – Dr. Nous Sarom
Surgeon – Dr. Colin White
Surgeon – Dr. Erika Henkelman
Plastics Resident – Dr. Fanyi Meng
Anaesthetist – Dr. Christopher Chin
Anaesthetist – Dr. Gayatri Sasikumar-Gopalakrishnan
Anaesthesia Fellow – Dr. Richard Lin
Pediatrician – Dr. Nazmudin Bhanji
Pediatric Resident – Dr. Andrew Irvine
Mission Coordinator – Ms. Doreen Lore, R.N.
Trainee Mission Coordinator – Ms. Dolly Khanna, R.N.
Administrator – Mr. Damian Duffy
Pre-Op Nurse – Ms. Betty Leong, R.N.
OR Lead – Ms. Elaine Peters, R.N.
OR Nurse – Ms. Loraine Best, R.N.
OR Nurse – Ms. Melanie Smith, R.N.
OR Nurse – Ms. Kelly-Anne Karse, R.N.
OR Nurse – Ms. Patricia Lanigan, R.N.
PACU Nurse – Ms. Amanda Baart, R.N.
PACU Nurse – Ms. Karen Sokalski, R.N.
PACU Nurse – Ms. Amanda Hadikin, R.N.
PACU Nurse – Ms. Cheryl Baldwin, R.N.
Videographer – Mr. Gary Hanney
Photographer – Mr. Randal Mennie
Volunteer – Mrs. Shahenaz Bhanji
Volunteer – Mr. Yaseen Mohammed