Mission Day 14_December 1_Last Day of Surgery

From Dr. Rai:

It is 8 pm.  The team has completed 10 days of surgery.  The last couple of days were quite intense as 42 new patients showed up after the media coverage.  The team had pushed hard to perform as many surgeries as we can before we go.  Dr. Champenaria gave us an extra operating room.  I think we are at approximately 100 but will wait for Doreen to give the final tally.  No post surgical complications.  Splints on Bear education was quite successful.  Only had to redo 2 cases due to child scratching off stitches.  Team is exhausted but exhilarated.

Tomorrow is Clinic Day. This is the day when all the patients come back for a check-up. There is usually lots of laughter mixed with tears. The team get quite emotional because they see tangible results of we have collectively achieved.  All of us get quite attached to the kids – how can we not? But it will be time to pack up and say good-bye to our new friends.  Until next year.  Stayed tuned for photos of Clinic Day.  Wifi still very very slowlRai and Champenaria