Member Profile – India 2015 – Randy Mennie – Videographer

Hi, Randy  here. I’m usually behind the video camera. I’ve been with ORC since 2013 and this is my first mission. I hope to capture the essence of the work performed by the medical team involved in this mission along with the life-changing events experienced by the children and their families who have gathered at Kaka-ba Hospital. If I have any spare time, I am going to film EVERYWHERE. India is a videographer’s dream. There are so many vivid colours with the excitement of people, sights and sounds.

I will live for the moment when the children and their families when see the completed work for the first time. A human being’s expression when they realize that their dreams of living a more normal life are being fulfilled is one of life’s best moments. It makes all the previous suffering and sacrifices worthwhile. Through my camera lens, I become a storyteller of bringing to life the trials and tribulations of the families and medical team as they work through this mission.
As a news cameraman at Global BC, I am constantly on the go. Spare time is spent as a freelance videographer, shooting and editing all types of videos – ORC videos are my favorite of course. I also write software applications for the iPhone and iPad and play bass guitar. My wife Claire is a professional writer so you can say that we complement each other perfectly. She is my inspiration as well as the best critic of my work and she will be following each moment of my trip closely with my video postings.

15-11-10 ORC_India030