Team Member Profile – Dolly Khanna – Recovery Room Lead

Dolly Khanna, R.N. - 2014 Cambodia Mission Team Member
Dolly Khanna, R.N.

Hello, I’m Dolly and I’ve been on the move my entire life.  Growing up I have lived in various cities in India, London – England, Dusseldorf- Germany, Montreal and now Vancouver.  I’ve learnt to be open to different cultures and to make friends quickly.  Along the way, in addition to Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, I’ve picked up a smattering of German and French.   I’m married to a very supportive husband, Rakesh.  We are raising three teenagers in Vancouver and I try to follow the Buddhist way of life.  I consider myself very lucky to have found ORC where I made great friends and can have a chance to practice what I believe in!  So far, I’ve been to Cambodia 2014, the Canadian Ukraine Foundation Mission 2014, India 2015 and next year, I’ll be in training to be a Mission Coordinator in Cambodia.

I believe in the miracle of giving.  In every mission, where a great amount of hard work, dedication and time and effort is involved, I still get back more than what I give.

I play many roles but giving care by nursing and nurturing is my chosen career.  Currently, I work as a registered nurse at the BC Children’s Hospital in the Paediatric Post-Op Recovery room. Prior to that, I was a Neonatal ICU nurse for 14 years, and Neurology Nurse Clinician for 2 years.   I’ve also worked as a research nurse.

With ORC, I’m able to play a tiny role in helping a kid change his/her life for the better and get the love and dignity that every human deserves.